5’11”, 160lbs, physique of a gymnast, trim, lightly tanned skin, caucasian, age of 25. Blue eyes, medium length wavy brown hair, clean shaven. Sky blue long sleeve henley, carmel cargo pants, utility belt, leather sling, and light tan combat boots
Parents and Brother deceased. Moved to Canada after a couple years after “The Fall” and ran into Brent and Britt along the way, forging an unbreakable bond with the siblings and survives with them in an international airport in Toronto.  A true hero. Willing to risk it all to save others, always putting his own life on the line without a second thought. Jake would rather risk his own life and struggles to let others risk theirs on his account. Jake is incredibly skilled in combat, choosing to wield an ancient warhammer. Jake is a leader by nature and by choice. He sees good in the world that needs doing and has the will and the vision to make it so. His honor and down to earth nature and willingness to help makes allies gravitate to his side. As Brent notes, Jake is unfailingly full of hope. He is also resourceful with an amazing wit. He is a master of strategy but often relies on this instantaneously on the fly. He doesn’t believe in no-win scenarios - there is always a way. He can be serious, even brooding at times but is mostly fun and carefree, especially when mocking his foes.

Weapon of choice: 2 handed war hammer. Later named Nightmare

6’3” 215lbs, shaved dirty blonde hair, Black faded t shirt, faded blue jeans and brown military style boots, black military vest, faded blue UnderArmour hat, oakley sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, goatee mainly red in color
Jake’s best friend that helps keep him level headed. Indefatigably (inexhaustible, tirelessly) loyal. A tall formidable fighter, Brent loves his beer and katanas and is just an all around badass. He never misses a moment to enjoy just like his best friend Jake, making jokes and silly names for zombie variants in the heat of battle. Easy going and a mechanical genius, outfitting the crew’s vehicles and designing traps around the base. He supports Jake and his mission 100%. No one could ask for a better friend. The brawn to Britt’s brain.

Weapon of Choice: Twin Katanas
Brent and Britt grew up in a rough part of Nashville, TN. Their dad taught Brent a lot of what he knows about mechanical engineering and fixing up cars. Their parents died early on in the fall, Brent and Britt then went on the run trying to make it to Canada. Ran into Jake in Detroit two years after the fall.

5’3 in a dark red hoodie cut off at the midriff, with a tucked in white shirt underneath, dark green almost black slim cargo pants, and brown hunting boots. fire red hair and sharp emerald green eyes.
Kat, the only surviving member of her family. Her dad, a retired Navy Seal, took her hunting as a kid in Georgia where she learned how to track and survive from young on; raised to be a stealthy warrior. 17 when The Fall started, Kat lost her parents on their way north. Honoring her parent’s last request, Kat got herself and her little brother out while her parents sacrificed themselves so they could live. Tragedy struck again for Kat. After she made it to Canada and 4 years of protecting him, practically raising him, she lost her brother too. She now uses her bow as a way to honor the memory of her family. All she has left. That is, until she met Jake and crew. Now, she just may have a new family. Jake’s love interest and one of his inner circle. Kat has lost a lot in life just like Jake and is probably his most protective ally. She thinks the world of him and his hope in humanity and would do anything to help him succeed… and live. A fiery red beauty, Kat is very street-smart and not afraid to put people in their place. Skilled in archery and stealth, Kat is a formidable hunter and even teaches Jake a thing or two about not always barreling in.

Weapon of choice: Onyx black recurve bow, with a dagger secured to the top

5’4”. blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, a light gray t-shirt tucked into some loose blue jeans that were rolled up shortly above the ankle, her gray converse shoes completing the country schoolgirl look
Brent’s older sister (by one year). Logical and scientific, Britt judges and looks at things by the facts. She is very compassionate, but doesn’t like change, doesn’t like risk, often butting heads with Jake but respects him very highly all the same. She sports a gigantic weapon for her size, a 4 ft long two-handed claymore. She has a brilliant mind. Able to pick up extremely difficult knowledge and skills on the fly. For example, taught herself advanced medical know-how through books she found since “The Fall”.

Weapon of choice: 4' Scottish Claymore
Brent and Britt grew up in a rough part of Nashville, TN. Taking after their mother, Britt was incredibly intelligent from young on. A booksmart prodigy picking up almost anything science and medical related just by reading it or seeing it done.Their parents died early on in the fall, Brent and Britt then went on the run trying to make it to Canada. Ran into Jake in Detroit two years after the fall